Brexit - the political membership problem. 

This Editorial looks at the issue of British racism and xenophobia around the ‘Brexit’ referendum in 2016 and problems of political membership through Michael Walzer’s analysis of distributive justice, fundamental issues for the future of the United Kingdom and 

The Far Right in the United Kingdom – how radical extremism was propagated and countered in youth culture through music in the 1970s and early 1980s 

The far-right throughout history has always valued youth as its most critical asset. Its 
proliferation in the United Kingdom (U.K) in the 1970s and early 1980s was in no small part 
due to direct attempts to attract, recruit and colonize British working-class youth culture. 

The BlockChain Association Model Crisis Communications Response Plan 

The BlockChain Association has sought Grace Communications counsel on repairing the reputational damage the cryptocurrency industry has sustained due to the recent intense crisis surrounding FTX and subsequent well-publicized scrutiny of the company’s disintegration in the media. 

 Coronavirus - a pandemic with history-defining implications for the Global Commons. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event; an international challenge the likes of which have never been seen before. Assessing states and their responses to this crisis will need the lens of hindsight. But it is clear as events unfold that there are many international relations theoretical conclusions that can be drawn, namely the implications of a ‘Global Commons’ and the need for collective responsibility. 

DeLisle vs Rivers (1989) - Mock Supreme Court Prosecution Proposal 

In this brief, the prosecution aims to set out the arguments of precedent and policy to uphold the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals decision to refuse to grant a new trial to Lawrence DeLisle in DeLisle vs Rivers (1989). 

PR Strategy Memo – "The Qatar Soccer World Cup 2022: Dealing with Controversy One Month Out from The Tournament." 

After the Olympic games there is no bigger global sporting event than the FIFA Men’s Soccer World Cup. It is estimated that more than five billion people will tune in to the tournament from around the world and see Qatar in the spotlight for the next few months. Qatar is the first Middle East nation to host either the World Cup or the Olympics. This is the opportunity of a generation for Qatar to establish itself as a cultural beacon on the global stage.  

 “Pro-Life or Pro-Choice”: How the News Impacts Your Political Ideology – A Research Project 

Since the 1990s, America has experienced the emergence of an increasingly tribal politics, riddled with animosity and partisanship between political camps on the right and left. This has only intensified since the Trump presidency began in 2016. This paper aims to show that the more tribal politics has become, the increased partisanship is present in the news media, a trend that has significantly altered America's political ecosystem and democracy. 

The Ethics and Issues of Election Reporting: “Citizen’s Agenda” or the “Horse Race”? 

In this paper, I will acknowledge the need for a realignment in American political campaign coverage and discuss two election coverage models: the "Citizen's Agenda" (CA) and the traditional "Horse Race" (HR), particularly in the context of Trumpism since 2016, before adding some concluding thoughts on a more suitable middle ground solution.  
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