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What You Should Read: 

By Mark Potts, Recovering Journalist Blog. 
By Leonard Downie Jr., The Washington Post
By Katy Balls, The Times. 
By Tripp Mickle, Karen Weise and Nico Grant, New York Times
By David Brooks, New York Times 


Read a selection of my academic papers from university and beyond. I research, study and discuss today’s political ecosystems, geopolitical events and current affairs. 


Read a selection of my published articles, available online. As a young journalist by training, I am always looking to report on the pressing issues of the day in politics, the media and elsewhere with analysis and interviews . 


Follow my blog where I aim to provide a unique perspective on the phenomena behind the headlines, an interesting experience from my daily life or just review a film I enjoyed. I post once or twice a month and look forward to reading your comments! 
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